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Learn More About IV Ketamine

Ketamine has been discovered to help greatly in the treatment of depression (especially treatment-resistant depression), bipolar disorder, and suicidal tendencies.

While some depression medications and therapies can take months or even years to show results, the effects of Ketamine treatments are immediate and long-lasting.

Depression triggers an over-activity in the brain, and Ketamine slows down this hyper-connectivity. It also triggers the growth of neural connections which restores balance and functionality in the brain.

Ketamine will relieve you from feeling helpless, so you can function better and feel stronger to tackle whatever tasks come your way. Think of Ketamine as that treatment that will lift the fog that clouds your mind. When this dark cloud is lifted, then you can think clearly and function better.

More than that, Ketamine depression treatment gives you the opportunity to break free from the cloud of depression so you can adopt new habits and learn new skills to arm yourself better against depression.

While all of our Ketamine treatment plans follow the same basic format, each person will have an individualized plan created based on their unique situation and needs.

We build individualized wellness plans around our infusions which include various other techniques to help tackle depression using a holistic approach. With our depression recovery plans, we have options to include various vitamins within the infusion drip, binaural beats, and Integrated Energy Therapy to assist with shifting brain waves during the infusion process itself.

We use a dedicated and forceful approach to tackle the depression all at once. This process has allowed us to rarely lose our war against depression.

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